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Our goal: better therapies through new technology 
STARBELLE has R&D, production, distribution and service of beauty equipments for all kinds of functions. With a decade of rapid development under strict standards of KFDA, CE, ISO9001 and ISO13485, Starbelle has expanded its product line into medical aesthetic equipment, home beauty devices and cosmetics. Nowadays, its high quality products are utilized in over 85 countries around the world, and have already won an international reputation, attracting the customers by their advanced technologies, unique designs, powerful functions and efficient services.
STARBELLE represents Global Body Sculpting Expert and devotes to offering people a scientific, healthy, fashionable beauty lifestyle. After accumulating the experience of operating and applying its products for end users in over 500 spas and clinics, Starbelle starts its own chain beauty centers and is offering package service of professional marketing, training and running of aesthetic and medical centers for investors.


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